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Now accepting reservations for your Storm Chase Tour

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WGW_DVD_R.jpg (83168 bytes)

Incredible new Storm Chaser Movie now available!
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Curtis, NE 69025-0145

November 12, 2005 Caught this tornado in Dallas County, IA
First shot is storm that would later produce the tornado.

Nov_12.jpg (26740 bytes) Nov_12_vid 001.jpg (74958 bytes) Nov_12_vid 002.jpg (66083 bytes)Nov_12_vid 005.jpg (46691 bytes) Nov_12_vid 006.jpg (52521 bytes)

Damage to gas station in Woodward, IA

Nov_12_vid 007.jpg (62391 bytes)

June 6, 2005 - Caught 2 white tornadoes near Arthur, NEArthur_5.jpg (31548 bytes)

Arthur_3.jpg (30211 bytes)

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April 10, 2005 I caught 5 Tornadoes on this date in NC Kansas!
Following are 5 stills taken from my video.
The first one shows what looks like a power flash to the right of the tornado.
2005_April_10 008.jpg (34600 bytes) 2005_April_10 007.jpg (40018 bytes) 2005_April_10 012.jpg (34602 bytes) 2005_April_10 002.jpg (38286 bytes) 2005_April_10 003.jpg (40410 bytes)

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I caught my first Tornado of 2005 March 21 in NC Oklahoma
2005_March_21 004.jpg (63360 bytes)
2005_March_21 006.jpg (64394 bytes)

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ALL of the following Tornadoes and many more
are included in the video Weather Permitting VII.
There are around 35 Tornadoes / Funnel Clouds on this video!
NEW this year on WXP-7 are several Storm Chase Music videos .
I was able to include many more awesome
clips from numerous storms in these Music videos.
Check out this beautiful tornado I caught on July 31, 2004 near Adrian , MN
Adrian_1.jpg (36519 bytes)

Please scroll down to end of the tornado pictures
to see how to order your copy of the following incredible tornadic event and many more on WXP-7.
I am happy and grateful to report that all of my Guests
saw tornadoes on their Private Tours in 2004.
May 24, 2004
This was my first full "day off" after over 2 enjoyable weeks
on the road chasing storms with my Guests.
What does a storm chaser do on his "day off"--yup you guessed it-- I chased again.

may24-1 018.jpg (87699 bytes)
I was in position SE of Hastings, NE when the first towers went up
on what would become the most incredible tornadic supercell in my 20+ years of chasing storms.
I was filming as the first tornado formed near Deweese, NE.
On the video you can hear me as I phone in this report to NWS Hastings.
This was the first report they had received that this storm
had a tornado on the ground.
They quickly upgraded the severe thunderstorm warning to a tornado warning.
Other chasers who have seen the video of this tornado
said it is the most amazing tornado video they have EVER seen.
The life cycle of this tornado may be some of the most unique ever captured on video.


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may24-1 014.jpg (17450 bytes)

may24-1 03.jpg (18511 bytes)

The tornado formed FROM the rope stage and grew from that stage.
This is opposite from usual tornado life cycle.
Another unique aspect of this tornado was the very complex motion around the tornado.

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At one point you can see snake like vortices spiralling around the main tornado.
I can not recall seeing anything quite like this on any other tornado video.

may24-1 010.jpg (13318 bytes)
I have finally had time to watch the video a few times after
getting caught up with things at home/office.
It appears the rope tornado "handed off" to a 2nd cloud base to the SE .
At this point the rope portion had dissipated and what
was left was a tube tornado from the new base.
I have never seen anything like this happen before.
This transformation to the 2nd cloud base --could-- be called a 2nd tornado touchdown.

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may24-1 020.jpg (18827 bytes)

may24-1 012.jpg (20212 bytes)
In the following shot you can see debris in the air to the right of the tornado just above the tree.

may24-1 011.jpg (15811 bytes)
This tornado slowly weakens until there is only non-rotating dust on the ground .
At this point a new thin white funnel forms and briefly touches down (tornado # 2 or 3?? at this point).

I will skip ahead a few tornadoes to a white tornado that ranks in the
top 3 most beautiful tornadoes I have ever captured on video.
At one point I am filming with the window open
when a lightning bolt strikes in front of the tornado. This awesome shot is shown below.

may24-1 008.jpg (11584 bytes)

may24-1 007.jpg (14031 bytes)
It is hard to get a count of the exact # of tornadoes I saw that day
since things were happenening so incredibly fast.
I have around 15 tornadoes on WXP-7 from May 24 alone--you decide the exact count if you order this video.
I also saw 3-5 other tornadoes that I was unable to get on video due to chaser repositioning issues.
Most of these were brief touchdowns and one was to my SW as 2 other tornadoes were on the ground.
Other chasers have confirmed these 3 tornadoes on the ground at the same time.

In addition to this I also filmed 2 tornadoes on the ground at the same time TWICE on this day.
I could not confirm ground contact with one of these due to trees but I feel it likely did touchdown.
In the following shot 2 tornadoes are on the ground.
This is more clearly show in the video than on this still shot

may24-1 009.jpg (19045 bytes)
In the next shot a multi-vortex tornado forms.

may24-1 006.jpg (80072 bytes)
Tornado # 10 or 11?? next 2 shots.

may24-1 004.jpg (18458 bytes)

may24-1 005.jpg (14351 bytes)
I was filming as this large tornado had crossed the road a few blocks in front of me.

may24-1 003.jpg (17713 bytes)
In the video you can see the IMAX Tornado Pursuit vehicle drive past me towards tornado # 10 or 11.
For those not familar with this vehicle it looks somewhat like a spaceship on wheels.

may24-1 002.jpg (23480 bytes)
Yes storm chasing has changed a LOT in the past few years--but that is another topic--LOL.
Tornado # 11 or 12?? forms incredibly fast as I pan to the left from tornado # 10 or #11.!

may24-1 001.jpg (23577 bytes)

Here is how to order your copy of "Weather Permitting VII " (WXP-7)
This VHS video is nearly 2 Hours long .
The cost for this video is only $24.00.
This price INCLUDES shipping AND a free ($6.00 retail value)
4" x 6" still photo of one of the Tornadoes from 2004.
The fastest way to get your copy of this Tornado video is to use your credit card by clicking on the following link:
For overseas shipments please e-mail me for shipping rates.
If you would prefer to place your order by mail please make check or Money Order for $24.00 payable to:

Windswept Enterprises
Attn: Dean Cosgrove
PO Box 145
Curtis, NE 69025-0145

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